Choose your finish.

Colour Spark comes in two finishes: eggshell and semi-gloss. Both are perfect for high traffic spaces and easy to wipe down. The difference is the sheen.

Eggshell finishes have a little lustre, but they aren't shiny. So it's a nice subtle option.

Semi-gloss finishes have more sheen and reflect more light, giving your walls a little more boldness.

Designer-curated colours.

Our interior designers chose each Colour Spark shade carefully. They looked for colours that are trendy, livable, and beautiful in all types of lighting. They also wanted colours that complement each other, so you can build a palette throughout your home without worrying about coordination.

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How to buy.

Ready for a room glow-up? Search our list to find an official Colour Spark retailer near you! From there, you can order online and have your paint arrive at your door.

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